One of the easiest traps for us to fall into when sales prospecting is trying to sell to everybody. Or at least trying to sell to everybody that gives us their time.

The reality is that regardless of what you sell, not everybody fits well with what you have to offer. Or they might fit well but it might not be the right time for them to be able to purchase from you. Or you are not talking to the right person in the organization.

When any of these types of situations occur, if you are not aware that there is not a very good chance of things going anywhere, you could stand to waste your valuable time if you continue to try to sell to the sales prospect.

To help with this, an excellent best practice can be to include some qualifying questions, or prequalifying questions, in your sales pitch. Not only can this help you to assess whether it makes sense for you to invest your valuable time, but it can also help to create engaging and productive conversations when you have qualifying questions at the core.

In this video, we talk about qualifying and how to develop a good list of qualifying questions. Think of it like asking interview questions and that you are interviewing your prospect.