Here are some of the best sales pitch examples from cold calls that we have received and made. For each, we provide an actual recording of the cold call with a review of what went well and what could have been done better after the call.

Cold call from a payroll software salesperson
Here is one of our best sales pitch examples that is a cold call from a salesperson that sells some sort of payroll software. While I think this guy did a fairly decent job on the call, I think he probably would have run into problems in the very beginning if his call was answered by more of a traditional gatekeeper. This is all explained and what he could have done differently in the analysis at the end.


Cold call from a fintech startup
This cold call example is from a company that appears to sell some sort of wire transfer service. This guy did a good job to screen us as not being a fit but as you will hear explained in the analysis at the end, if he would have asked different questions and managed the sales process a little differently, he might have found out that we are indeed a prospect for him and one that should not have been disqualified.


Cold call for wealth management services
This is one of our best sales pitch examples that appears to be some sort of financial advisor. This guy sounded pretty good on the phone call and probably if he makes enough of these calls, he will generate some leads and get clients. But there are very clear things that he could have done better and we discuss those at the end in the analysis of what went well and what could have gone better.


Cold call from a stock broker
This in on our best sales pitch examples not because it is good but because it is a great example of some things not to do. The main thing with this call example is that this guy sounds like a cheesy salesperson trying to sell something and everything that we do tries to get you to not do this.


Cold call for a wireless provider
This is another cold call example from a salesperson that appears to sell wireless communications services. We analyze what the rep did well and could have done better and also provide a cold call script that she could use in the video.


Cold call for SalesScripter
Here is a cold call for SalesScripter. This is a good cold call example to look at regarding opening and establishing the call. There is a slight objection in the beginning of the call but we were able to move past that to establish the call and ask a few questions. A lead was not generated but this is one of our best sales pitch examples to look at and learn from.

Those are just some of the best sales pitch examples taken out of the SalesScripter library and there are many others for a variety of commonly sold products.