A sales process has many steps and as a result, some salespeople can have different views as to what the sales pitch definition is. Since we help salespeople with building their pitch, we thought we would outline how we define a sales pitch.

Messaging to Drive Demand for a Product
The simplest way to view a sales pitch definition is that it includes everything that is said to a prospective buyer while trying to drive demand for a particular product or group of products.

With that, a lot of people will view a pitch as being something said to a prospect when the salesperson is trying to sell something over the phone on a cold call or in a presentation type of setting.

But a sales pitch can take many different shapes in terms of the type of communication format. It could also include what is said in an email, in a voicemail message, networking conversation, blog post, brochure, website, TV or radio ad, etc. Basically, any way that a company or salesperson is communicating to a prospective buyer to try to drive demand for a particular product, this could be considered as a pitch under the sales pitch definition.

A Product Does Not Have to Be a “Product” in a Pitch
One important thing to point out regarding the sales pitch definition is that we include the concept of driving demand for a “product” in the definition, but a product can mean many different things.

The first and most obvious way to expand what we can include under the term “product” is to point out that it can also include any services that a company or salesperson may sell. The way that we refer to the word “product” includes both products and services.

That probably is not a big leap to understand or agree with. But what we also want to expand the word product to is that it can also include ideas, thoughts, agreement, and projects.

For example, you may have an idea that you would like to get buy-in for. You might deliver a sales pitch to the person that you want to either support or provide feedback on your idea. You are going to sell and make your case for your idea and this is a sales pitch. And your idea is the product in this example.

Or you may want to get an agreement on something. An example that we can all relate to is getting an agreement to go to a certain place to eat. You might deliver a pitch to sell someone on going where you want to go. In this example, getting agreement to go in the direction that you want to go to is the product in your pitch.

Projects that get launched in a business are also examples of what can be considered a “product” in a sales pitch definition where something is sold with a pitch but there is not a traditional product and financial transaction processed.