In this video, we discuss what I think is a good LinkedIn outreach example. It is from a salesperson that sells health insurance and it is not revolutionary, but she does some good things that are worth discussing.

Invitation to Connect

She starts her LinkedIn outreach example with an invitation to connect, and this is not bad, but it is also not great. I accepted her invitation to connect and that then led to 3 follow-up LinkedIn cold email messages.


Message 1

Two days after I accepted her invitation to connect, the salesperson sent her first LinkedIn cold outreach message. I do like that her first message in this LinkedIn outreach example is that she waits two days before following up after the acceptance of the invitation to connect. A lot of salespeople seem to send the immediate follow-up, and I think waiting at least two days is a nice pace.

I also like that she is using more of a consultative selling approach and less product selling by focusing more on helping the prospect:

Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

She also tries to shine the light on pain that she can help address:

The biggest thing I see is that most people don’t know where to start.

I also like that she is being a little indirect with her close by focusing more on a referral than trying to sell directly to the contact she is emailing:

If you know anyone looking for help or a policy review, I would appreciate an introduction.


Message 2

One week after message 1, she follows up with the second message in this LinkedIn outreach example. In this message, she starts to discuss her product a little more:

My agency focuses on helping individuals, families and small business understand their policies and review their options. We provide 1-1 policy review and an educational approach to understanding their best options.

She then brings it back to the pain that she can help with:

Most plans have increases over 25% this year alone on premiums!


Message 3

In the third message in this series, she goes back to the pain that she can help with:

Most people are stuck paying high insurance premiums with high deductibles they are never satisfying. Or worse, they pay for benefits they don’t need and will never use.

And then wraps up with some details on her product:

-Nationwide coverage (all 50 states) without a referral
-ZERO deductible for dr visits, scripts, urgent care, etc.
– Guaranteed rates for 24 months with no premium increases


Overall Thoughts

Like I said, nothing real revolutionary in her approach. But I like that she was not very aggressive and product selling with her messages. Most messages that I get from salespeople on LinkedIn use a very product selling sales message that is centered around “This is what I sell; do you need what I sell?” and this LinkedIn outreach example demonstrates how to communicate on LinkedIn without going in that direction.