What some of our customers are saying!

John Garrett – Keynote Speaker, TheRecoveringCPA.com

I can’t believe it… this stuff actually works! I am a small business owner with no real sales experience, so I had no clear game plan. I was all over the place with my pitch and had inconsistent results with a lot of awkward conversations along the way.

I found SalesScripter and used it to build my script. It took me through a process that helped me identify the real value that I offer and also the key questions that I need to be asking prospects. I also learned how to manage calls and the sales process.

On one of the first calls that I made after implementing the SalesScripter process and pitch, it went perfect and all of the tactics worked exactly as they were supposed to. The initial contact I reached answered a few of my probing questions and then made an appointment for me with the decision maker. Using SalesScripter also for the meeting with decision maker, it was almost too easy and the the pitch created a scenario where the prospect was selling me on moving forward and the deal almost sold itself!

The whole process of selling and prospecting is much more clear now and I am a lot more confident that my results will be completely different using SalesScripter and the SalesScripter methodology.


Tyler McNamara -Owner, Heartland Financial Partners

I have been in sales and cold calling for years and have always been successful. I started using SalesScripter about 2 months ago because I always believe in learning and trying new things and this methodology has totally changed how I see things. It has transformed my approach and I am now getting responses and results that I never saw with my previous methods.


Jack Yurich -Director of Strategic Partnerships, Central Data Storage

In my opinion, every single sales person and sales manager needs to take a break from selling and go through SalesScripter to get more clarity on how they are helping their customers and what problems they are solving. SalesScripter is pretty cool in how it asks questions that really make you think and see things in a different way.

It did this for me and really made me get a way from talking about my product and focus more on what benefits I am offering and challenges I can fix. Now, this is all I talk about.

Not only am I able to communicate better and more clearly to my prospects, I am also communicating better with senior leadership at my company as I have more clarity on who I should be selling to and how to effectively get into new accounts.


Michael Miller –  Founder and CEO, Mind Whirl Marketing

I was looking for telemarketing scripts online and I couldn’t find any. I came across SalesScripter and I thought if this does what it says it will, this will be pretty cool. I went through the Pro version and I have to say, what it produced was amazing. These are some of the best scripts I have ever seen.

I have never been able to open calls with prospects as effectively as I can with these scripts. The language and tactics that are used are very conversational and disarming. It not only makes the prospects more friendly, but it kind of makes selling more comfortable and fun.


OG, Senior Marketing Director

SalesScripter has been a valuable tool to help the newest members of our organization to feel comfortable communicating the value we offer. Getting new members who, in many cases, have no sales experience to become capable producers takes a lot of time and effort. SalesScripter has provided a fast and effective solution to these challenges.

Everything we are doing now is much more conversational and that is leading to better relationships, more leads, and improved results!

Thank you, SalesScripter!


Dan Darby – CEO, Darby Consulting

Finding the right words to use in emails, publish online and say to our clients was always a guessing game and I think we struggled communicating clearly what we had to offer. This led to missed opportunities with conversations ending by prospects saying “we are not interested”.

What I like about SaleScripter is that it guides you step-by-step through a discovery process that leads you not only to the right messages, but greater confidence that your marketing and sales efforts will generate success. Now, our message is tight and it focuses solely on the benefits we offer and problems we resolve.


Craig Klein – Founder and CEO, SalesNexus

We use SalesScripter as a key tool in our new sales hire onboarding process. We have a complex product and before SalesScripter, not only did it take a long time to get a new resource ramped up and performing, but every sales team member had their own pitch and this was often difficult to manage and led to inconsistent results.

With SalesScripter in place, we have drastically shortened our ramp up time and actually have new hires on the phones on their very first day. And the entire team is using roughly the same pitch in terms of talk tracks and questions and the benefits from that is almost hard to quantify.


Nate Johnson – Business Developement

Before using SalesScripter, I had scripts to use but I did not feel like they were great. They were pushy, not engaging, and just made me look like a cheesy sales person.

But then I signed up for SalesScripter and did a Scripter Walk-through and the scripts that were produced were 100% awesome. I have read a lot of sales books and been exposed to a lot of different sales training information. The stuff that this system gives you is unlike anything that I have seen. It just uses very direct language that sounds good and gets the prospect to open up to you.

The new scripts give me more confidence as I feel like I am always going to have really good conversations. Now if the prospect says no, I know that it is not because of me. It is because I know that they are not a good fit for what I have to offer and that is OK.


MC – Owner

I have gone through many training programs and been exposed to experts like Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar. Everything I learned was great but I have always found it difficult to take the expert’s advice and apply it to my conversations with prospects. It was either too time consuming or too complex to remember and incorporate and this meant that I ultimately never really used much of it.

This is how SalesScripter is completely different as It just makes everything easy. You don’t learn something and then have to think about how to do it. It tells you exactly what to do, what to say, what to ask, how to respond.

I absolutely love this thing and have noticed immediate improvements in my results in terms of scheduling meetings with new prospects and improving all of my sales metrics and results.


Steven McAdams – Owner, The Daily Brand

Using SalesScripter has been extremely enlightening and has given me structure to control broadcast my message. Being in sales is sometimes like being a politician – you need to say the same things again and again and the tool helps you to stay focused on what you need to say to get the message across.

I went through the tool on my own but then upgraded to have a Scripter Walk-Through. I was blown away by what we accomplished when working as a team with the expert to discuss my business. That has helped me to get the full power of the system and taken my sales effort to a new level.


Sue Elliott – Co-President, PetKeeperSecrets.com

I can’t say that I like making sales phone calls so I knew that having a script would help me to be more comfortable and successful. We purchased the Scripter Walk-Through and had Michael Halper work with us to build out our messaging. The insights and direction Michael provided were invaluable in terms of helping us to get the key points and questions together. The end result is amazing quite frankly as it gives us much more powerful scripts and talk tracks than we would have ever had without SalesScirpter.

I am also super excited because everything we produced can be used for more than just phone sales. I can use this when at trade shows, meetings, in emails, and anywhere really. Definitely recommend SalesScripter and upgrading to the Walk-Through if you do.


Kamil Kozorys – Managing Director, Campio LTD

I have never used a cold call script in my sales process and then I watched the move “The Wolf of Wall Street” and got inspired by a scene where a call script is demonstrated. The main character in the movie is Jordan Belfort and he actually provides sales training in real life. I knew I could not afford his services so I went to Google and found SalesScripter. I was pretty impressed with what it did and it actually is pretty aligned with Jordan Belfort’s philosophies and with SalesScripter being mostly software, I am able to get the wisdom and training at a fraction of the cost of Belfort or other sales trainers.

I signed up for the Pro product and then upgraded to go through also purchased the Scripter Walk-Through. I am thoroughly impressed with the scripts and talk tracks that I now have. I can now communicate with prospects and deliver a pitch that is stronger than anything that I would have been able to do without SalesScripter.


Frank Broich – Senior National Account Manager, PacificDatavision

I am a long-time sales person and the thing that I really like about SalesScripter is that it provides me with a very well organized logic that I can use to structure my pitch and what I say when talking with prospects. This will drastically improve my ability to reach out, connect, and sell.


Justin – CEO, Access Business Technologies

This is exactly what we needed. We have a very technical product and we always end up talking about products and features and it has been difficult to communicate to prospects and new employees. Using this system helped us to get organized on how to clearly and effectively communicate. After going through a Scripter Walk-Through, the messaging that was produced was so powerful and spot on that I think we may need to go back and actually revisit all of our marketing materials and redo a lot of them with what was extracted by SalesScripter.


Jane Moughon – Owner, Managing The New Generation

I realized that I needed to improve what I was saying during the sales process and decided that I shouldn’t just keep improvising and leaving it to chance. Then I found SalesScripter and I am so thankful.

Years ago I sat in some of the of a very formal sales training classes and this is so much better as I now have the scripts written out. I’m thrilled with the volume of content for me to use.

After using the system on my own, I purchased a Scripter Walk-Through. It is great to have someone else’s eyes and opinions help to fine tune and rephrase the wording in my sales messaging.

I am looking forward to having the all of the talk tracks and tools that I now have at my disposal and I know that my sales results will improve.


Vice President of Sales, Digital Ad Tech


SalesScripter is a must have to save massive amounts of time ramping up any sales person who needs to smile and dial at all, network or send prospecting emails.  This is bar none the best $350 I have spent on training products.  Hell, it’s worth 10X that and it would still be a steal.  I put the system to the test today.  I opted for the 120-minute walk through to input all the data needed to really make the system hum.  I am helping someone who has never been involved with digital advertising in his life get ramped to sell a sophisticated digital ad tech platform to CMO’s of Fortune 500 companies.  Talk about an extreme case for this system.  I need him to go from 0 to 200 in a matter of days or weeks.  There is no way in this lifetime I could do that.

In comes Michael Halper from SalesScripter.  In 2 hours and a couple of mugs of coffee, we built out all the fields required to get my buddy ready to smile and dial in a totally brand new field.  He went from deer in the headlights to tearful joy as he listened in on our call.  We then sat down together to test out the system and do some mock calls.  It was no surprise this guy CRUSHED it.  Three hours from -200 to 200.  On what planet could that EVER happen in the real world.  SalesScripter is an essential component for anyone that needs to ramp a new team or new sales person in record time.