Here are 7 inside sales tips that can immediately improve everything you are doing.

1. Don’t sound like a salesperson
Your prospects get sold to a lot. Their phone will ring all day with people like you trying to sell them something. Being aware of this could be used to modify how you approach them.

Having a constant flow of salespeople trying to sell something can be annoying and actually costly from a time wasted standpoint. This makes your prospects a little defensive and guarded against salespeople.

If you agree with that assumption, the correct way to try to counter this is to do what you can to not sound like a salesperson. That might sound tough because you are ultimately trying to sell something, but there are many inside sales tips and small changes you can make to what you say that will make you sound more like a business person than a sales person.

2. Have a list of key questions to ask
Many salespeople focus on what best to say to describe what they are selling and the company the work for. What is more powerful than this is focusing on what key questions to ask the prospect. The best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions.

It can be extremely helpful to ask probing questions to your prospect to see if they have any of the problems or interests that you help to provide or fix. This will not only help you to determine what prospects to pursue, but it will also help you with all of the other inside sales tips listed here, like not sounding like a salesperson for example.

3. Don’t sell the product, sell the conversation
As salespeople, we have a product to sell and a quota to hit. This provides both motivation and pressure to always be selling. Or always be closing as many might say.

It is OK to always be closing, but what is important here is what you are trying to close. If you follow your natural instincts, you will always be trying to close the sale of the product. The problem with this is that a better thing to focus on closing in many inside sales scenarios is to try to close for the conversation (meeting, appointment, etc.) before trying to close the for the product.

4. Prepare for objections
One of the inside sales tips that you will be able to see an immediate improvement with is being more prepared for the objections that you will face. You are going to face the same objections again and again:

I am not interested.
I don’t have time right now.
Is this a sales call?
Just send me your info.

You can either be unprepared and “wing it” when you face one of these. Or you can list out the objections that you can anticipate and then prepare responses for what you think you should say. Which do you think would position you for more success?


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