The second tip on our list of 10 telemarketing tips is to begin with an elevator pitch.

What is an Elevator Pitch
An elevator pitch is one to two sentences that explains how you help. A key thing to keep in mind here is that this is not an explanation of what you sell. More so it is a brief mention of how what you sell helps.

Will Help You to Sound Less Like a Salesperson Trying to Sell Something
This will help you with the first tip on our list of telemarketing tips where we suggest that you try to avoid sounding like a salesperson that is trying to sell something.

The reason this will help with that is that a typical salesperson will start a call talking about their company and product. The best way to apply this sales tip is to replace the part of your introduction on a call where you might talk about your product or service and insert your elevator pitch. This will make you sound more like a business person than a salesperson.

Building Your Elevator Pitch
You may look at this part of the telemarketing tips and feel like it makes sense but still feel unclear about what your elevator pitch should be. This is very understandable as most salespeople have difficulty with crafting their elevator pitch.

But don’t worry as we will provide some processes you can go through to create your elevator pitch.

Option 1 – Creating a value statement elevator pitch.
You could use one or two sentences that share the value your product offers as your elevator pitch. To create that, here are a couple of quick steps.

  1. Identify the product, service, or grouping of products
  2. Think about who your buyer is
  3. Identify how your product helps the buyer
  4. Create a sentence that mentions how you help other buyers

Here is an example of a value statement that you can use:

We help sales manager to shorten the amount of time and effort that it takes to get new sales hires ramped up.

Option 2 – Share common problems as your elevator pitch.
Another option of these telemarketing tips is to share some common problems. This would be saying a statement that lists out a few of the pain points that you help to resolve.

Here is an example:

I talk with a lot of sales managers and they sometimes say that it can be take a lot of time and effort to get new hires ramped up.

Option 3 – Share a previous client example.
You could also use a past client example as your elevator pitch. Here is an example:

We worked with Tigersoft and help them shorten the amount of time needed to ramp up new sales resources and this small change led to an increase in sales and decrease sales staff turnover at the same time.

We hoped this tip from our list of 10 telemarketing tips helps you to improve your sales results.