Having the ability to create sales scripts that sell is quite often the difference between success and failure.  Commonly it is thought that there is not much which can be done in order to make a sales script better when, in reality, the product is what is going to sell.  There are some fundamental things that you can do that will improve the effectiveness of your script.

Communicate Value
Effectively communicating the value that we’re offering to the prospects we speak with is one thing often left out or forgotten.  Often, we’re quite good at talking about what our products do and how awesome they are, but that doesn’t convey the value that we’re offering.

The value that you offer answers the question, “what is in it for me?” which is the main concern for prospects.  Value is how your product helps.

Qualify the Prospect
Questions that qualify the prospect should be included in sales scripts that sell.  They are simply a few questions that are there to gauge how well the prospect fits with what we’re offering.

Trying to sell to everybody that we have the opportunity to speak with is one of the most common mistakes made.  In reality, not everybody is a fit which is why asking qualifying questions to determine how the prospect measures up is important.

Find Prospect Pain
It increases your ability to find pain that your prospect may be experiencing when you develop and go through your qualifying questions correctly.  One of the main components in developing sales scripts that sell is having the ability to find pain.

When pain doesn’t exist, there isn’t any reason for the prospect to make a purchase.  On the opposite side, the more pain we are able to find increases the likelihood of getting the prospect to move forward.

Build Interest
It is thought by some that the prospect will listen to what your product is and either become interested or not.  That isn’t completely true due to there are many things that you can say about your product and company to trigger interest.  In turn, you can develop your sales script so it contains powerful building interest points.

Build Rapport
Building rapport is vital to success for a few reasons.  People buy from people they like.  Having rapport helps get the prospect to become responsive, share information as well as agree to commit to further steps.  These are just some of the things in which you can add to develop sales scripts that sell.

Build Credibility
Building credibility is often overlooked, but if you’re looking to create a powerful sales script, include name drops and customer examples which will quickly assist in establishing credibility.

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