“I don’t need to use a cold call script” is what a lot of sales people will say or think when the subject of a cold call script is mentioned. And when someone says this, it is usually because they either think that scripts are for junior sales people or for those that work more in an inside sales role.

But the reality is that all sales people can benefit from using some sort of a script and this includes those that have years of experience and/or work in outside sales.

If I thought like those that oppose cold call scripts, I could easily conclude that I do not need a script as I have a lot of experience and I am more of a business owner than an inside sales person. But we can actually take that conclusion to the next level for me as my business is centered around cold calling. I teach others how to cold call better. I wrote a book on cold calling. I developed a software application centered around what to say and ask when cold calling. I have made and analyzed thousands of cold calls.

Based on all of that,  I surely don’t need to use a script when I cold call someone, right? – Wrong, we all can benefit from using a cold call script and here is a breakdown of recent cold call of my own to demonstrate this.

I was calling a Director of Inside Sales looking to create establish a conversation that might lead to talking about SalesScripter (generate a lead). I have built a cold call script for this campaign in SalesScripter but was making calls without having that script in front of me or without reviewing it prior to making calls.

Here is the intro and I am OK with how this went.

Me: Hello

[Prospect], this is Michael Halper, I am with SalesScripter, have I caught you in the middle of anything?

Prospect: I am just reading some emails before me next meeting, what do you have?

Value Statement
I began to get off of course with the value statement that I delivered.

Me: OK, well the purpose for my call is that we help Directors of Inside Sales to shorten the ramp up time of new sales hires, improve under-performing sales staff, and decrease sales staff turnover.

Me: I am not sure if you all need help in those areas and that is why I am reaching out.

Prospect: We are actually good in all of those areas.

What I said here was OK but it is not the value statement that I have in my cold call script and this is a good example of how you can begin to get off track when not using any type of guide when making a call.

In my script, my value statement is:

We help sales managers to improve the performance of every sales person on their team.

In what I ended up saying, I listed out some of the main benefits of SalesScripter for a Director of Inside Sales. And that is good but what I ended up giving him is an opportunity to easily object to continuing by scratching off everything that I listed out off his list of things that he needs.

Maybe the shorter, more vague value statement in my script would have created more intrigue and/or presented less of an opportunity to shut me down.

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