Having a good sales pitch can often be the difference between failure and success. Here are a few things to keep in mind when developing your pitch.

Avoid too many product and company details
When talking with sales prospects, you always want to be cautious of the sales filter. This is what prospects typically have and they begin to put up to protect themselves from salespeople that try to sell them something.

You want to develop a pitch that does not trigger this filter and one way to do that is to avoid focusing too much on the products that you sell and the company that you work for. The reason why is that as soon as you start going down that path, a prospect’s sales filter may detect that you are trying to sell to them and the prospect may begin to shut down.

Focus on the value you deliver
You may be thinking about what you should talk about if you cannot focus on your products and company details. The answer to that is that you can shift to focusing more on the value that your products and services deliver in your sales pitch.

Your value is what your products or services help your clients to do or achieve. Or what improvements your customer starts to realize when they consume what they purchase from you.

When identifying the value that your products offer, you can typically break it down into three different levels: technical, business, and personal. Your pitch can then focus on some of those different value points and this can help to grab the prospect’s attention and can stand to minimize triggering the sales filter.

Describe the pain that you help to resolve
One of the challenges that salespeople often face with developing and delivering a sales pitch is trying to effectively communicate in a short period of time what they do or what they have to offer. One thing that can often help with this is to describe the pain or challenges that you help to fix in your pitch.

This can not only help to clearly tell the prospect what you do, it can also help to build the prospect’s interest. This is effective as one of the main things that a prospect will be interested in is fixing the areas where they have challenges and issues.

Include some questions in your sales pitch
When most salespeople think of a pitch, they often primarily think about what statements the salesperson makes to describe what they have to offer. But what can be more powerful in a pitch are qualifying questions to help you to learn more about the prospect.

There is definitely room in a pitch for a few questions where you can pass the ball to the prospect and get them talking about what they are doing and experiencing today in the area where your products impact. This can not only help you to extract valuable information, but it can also help your pitch to seem more conversational and engaging to the prospect.


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