It can sometimes assist you in figuring out what to do and not do when cold calling by having a cold call sample. Let’s discuss some things to do and not do before showing a sample.

It can be good to confirm that the prospect is available for your call at the very beginning of a call as well as right after you introduce yourself even though this point can be debatable. For example, ask the prospect if they are in the middle of anything and/or if they have a moment.

Value Statement
You want to share a value statement right away as you’re progressing in the cold call. A one to two-sentence statement which communicates the value you have to offer is a value statement.

Qualifying Questions
Asking some qualifying questions is an extremely effective step to take on a cold call sample. Questions that determine how good of a fit there is between you and the sales prospect are qualifying questions.

Common Pain Points
Finding pain that the prospect is experiencing is something that will help your cold call. Pain is something that isn’t working well and/or could be working better.

Build Interest
It’s important to focus more on the prospect than yourself during the cold call. There should be a balance of about 80% on them and 20% on you. Focus more on yourself as well as share details about your product and company to build interest in the second half of the cold call sample.

There is always going to be something you can close the prospect on. It may be attempting to close the sale, closing the prospect on meeting again and/or continuing through the sales process. There should be an attempt to close the prospect at the end of the cold call.


Sample of a Cold Call

The following is a cold call sample:

Prospect: Hi, this is Tom.

Sales person: Hello Tom, this is Susan calling from CompTech. Have I caught you in the middle of anything at this time?

Prospect: No, I am good.

Sales person: Ok, Great, the purpose for my call is that we help businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure. I’m not sure if you need what we provide so I was just calling with a couple of questions.

Sales person: What is your level of concern surrounding decreasing the level of downtime that you’re experiencing?

Prospect: It’s something we’re always trying to minimize.

Sales person: Do you feel like you have hardware that is being underutilized and/or that you don’t have enough hardware to run the current applications?

Prospect: Actually, we haven’t balanced our applications correctly and we have some systems underutilized as well as some over.

Sales person: Oh, ok, I see. Well, it may make sense for us to talk in more detail because, like I said, we provide tools and services to help optimize applications across the infrastructure.

Sales person: Since I’ve called you out of the blue, I don’t want to take any more of your time right now. Do you have some time on your calendar next Tuesday or Thursday morning to discuss in more detail?

Prospect: Yes, I can meet next Thursday morning at 10:00 am.

We hope this cold call sample helps give you some ideas to help your cold calling!