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7 02, 2016

How to Be the Tom Brady of Sales Pros (Part II)

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  Game Planning You can’t look at Brady’s success and exclude the fact that it is a team sport and there are a lot of other moving parts and players. New England has been known for good game planning and the way that Tom Brady incorporates that into his plan for success and how to [...]

6 02, 2016

How to Be the Tom Brady of Sales Pros

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Whether you are a fan of Tom Brady or not, you have to have respect for his consistent results. In the past 15 years, his team has only missed the playoffs two times. Of those playoff runs, his team went to the Super Bowl six times winning four of the six appearances. And in all of the [...]

10 01, 2016

Mastering Professional Selling Skills: Unveiling the Journey to Sales Excellence

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There are a lot of different opinions out there as to whether or not someone can truly develop selling skills. Many believe that salespeople are born and that you either have the natural ability or you don’t. I personally don’t agree with that as I see selling as a skill and one that can be [...]

19 12, 2015

Don’t be a Narcissistic Salesperson

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We currently live in a very narcissistic world today. If you are ever on social media, you will notice a steady flow of selfies and status updates that are solely centered around what the person posting is doing, has received, achieved, etc. The Problem with this Behavior The interesting thing about this is that what [...]

22 11, 2015

How to Handle the “Sell Me this Pen” Sales Role-Play

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One of the most common sales role-play exercises that you will see in training programs or interviews is where the request is made to sell a pen. If you ever have seen someone try to do this, most of the time they will not really handle the test the best way. In this post, we will break [...]

5 09, 2015

Mastering Inside Sales: 7 Tips to Elevate Your Game with Sales Call Scripts

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Here are 7 inside sales tips that can immediately improve everything you are doing. 1. Don’t sound like a salesperson Your prospects get sold to a lot. Their phone will ring all day with people like you trying to sell them something. Being aware of this could be used to modify how you approach them. [...]

8 12, 2014

How to Develop a Great Sales and Marketing Message

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While struggling with a cold this week, I thought of a company that has a great sales and marketing message, and that is because they focus solely on the pain that they fix. This example that I thought of is NyQuil. Take a quick look at their main tagline: NyQuil: the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, [...]

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