In this video, we discuss how to role-play objections.


Create a list of anticipated objections

The first step in how to role-play objections is to create a list of sales objections that you can anticipate having to face. To help with this, here is a list of common objections that we all face regardless of what you sell.

I am busy right now. I am not interested.
We do not have budget/money right now.
We already use somebody for that.
We are not looking to make any changes right now.
Just send me your information.
You are too expensive.
Call me back in X months.

You can probably add to this list about five to ten objections that are specific to your product or industry.


Create responses to objections

Once you have your list of anticipated sales objections, you should try to create responses for each objection. That might sound intimidating because it is not easy to think about what to say when an objection comes up. The good news is that we have a full video that explains an approach for getting around objections and creating objection responses.


How to Practice

After you have your responses to your list of anticipated sales objections, it is time to practice your objection responses so that you will know what to say when they come up when talking with prospects. And you have a few different options for how to role-play objections.


Practice Solo

You always have the option to role-play objections by yourself by simply talking to the mirror or just talking out loud as you go through and practice the responses. The good thing about this option is that it is free, and you can do it whenever you want. The downside is that it might feel awkward, and the quality of the practice will typically be less than your other options.


Practice with a Peer

You can role-play objections with a peer that you work with. This can be very productive and might not directly cost you anything, but it could be costly to your organization because you might be taking a coworker away from their job. It can also sometimes be awkward for both parties when role-playing with peers because you might put yourself in a more vulnerable situation.


Practice with a Coach

One of the best options for how to role-play objections is to hire a coach to practice your objection with. The best thing about this option is that you should get some great feedback and coaching in addition to getting practice in with just learning and saying your responses. But there will most likely be some sort of cost with this option, and while that investment would most likely pay for itself by improving your sales, it could decrease or limit the amount of role-playing that you can get in.


Sales Role-Play Software

Factoring in all of the downsides to those options for how to role-play objections, we have a great option, and that is to use our Sales Simulator tool, which is a sales role-play software application. The tool allows you to role-play your objection responses with an AI type of prospect.



We hope this helps provide you some ideas for how to role play objections!