We delivered a sales training webinar on sales objections. In that webinar, we outlined 3 different ways you can respond to objections and that is shown in this video clip from the sales training webinar.

Here are some quick notes on the three options you have for sales objection responses.

1. Comply with the Sales Objection
The first option you have for responding to sales objections is to comply. This is basically to give in to the objection.

For example, if the prospect says that they are not interested, if you want to comply, you will accept that they are not interested and end the conversation.

Of course, to comply with the sales objection is not what you want to go with as your first response. But at some point, you do need to comply and move on as if you can start to damage the rapport and relationship if you don’t.

A good rule of thumb to use is to try to get around or resolve the sales objection 2 to 3 times and if that is not successful, then you can begin to consider complying.

2. Overcome the Sales Objection
Your next objection-handling option is to overcome sales objections. This would be an attempt to change the prospect’s mind.

For example, if the prospect tells you that they are not interested, you may try to overcome that objection by trying to make them interested.

3. Redirect the Objection
The third option you have for handling sales objections is to redirect the objection. This would be to try to transition the conversation away from directly talking about the sales objection.

For example, if a prospect says that they already use something in the area that you have a solution, you could try to redirect away from that by asking the prospect about what they are currently using, how long they have been using it, how things are going, what they like, what they don’t like, etc.

This is not going to close the deal or even resolve the sales objection, but it keeps the conversation going and gets you talking about something different, yet still a little related.

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