getting around gatekeepers

6 07, 2016

4 Different Types of Gatekeepers When Teleprospecting

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When teleprospecting, you will typically spend a lot of your time talking with gatekeepers. But there are actually different types of gatekeepers and knowing how they differ can help you with knowing how to get around them. Front-Desk Receptionist One of the more common gatekeepers that you will encounter when teleprospecting is a front-desk receptionist. [...]

20 04, 2016

Improving Gatekeeper Relations is Key to Improving B2B Cold Calling

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Have you ever heard a gatekeeper say any of these while you were B2B cold calling? What is this call in regards to? We are not interested. Just send us your information. We already use someone for that. It is the Gatekeeper’s Job to Block You Out If you have done any B2B cold calling, [...]

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