CRM Integrations

Sales Scripter integrates very easily with the following CRM applications:

The setup for this is extremely easy and is only a few steps: copying API keys and tokens and pasting them into Sales Scripter. From there, as you create contacts and records in the Sales Scripter CRM, that data will be sent through the integration over to the other systems you have integrated.

The reason that someone would want to set up this integration is if they use one of the above as their main CRM and they want to use Sales Scripter for some outbound, cold calling, or email campaigns. You could run any of those outside of Sales Scripter, and with the integration in place, all of the data that is produced and collected during the campaigns will be sent over to your main CRM database.

Email Marketing Software Integration

Sales Scripter integrates with MailChimp, and the setup only involves putting saving your MailChimp API key into Sales Scripter.

With this integration, there are three areas of functionality:

  1. You will be able to import lists of contacts in MailChimp into the Sales Scripter CRM
  2. On a daily basis, we bring over data from MailChimp for emails that were sent, emails that were opened, and links that were clicked for contacts that are in both Sales Scripter and MailChimp. This data will be documented on each contact as closed activities and each contact will accrue Quality Points and Pursuit Points. You will also be able to view this data in the Email Reports in the CRM and can run reports on emails sent, emails opened, and emails clicked.
  3. You will be able to send contacts from Sales Scripter to MailChimp and add the contact to a MailChimp list. Each contact will have a drop-down button that displays the lists in your MailChimp account. From this drop-down, you will be able to send contacts from Sales Scripter to MailChimp, and the contact will be added to the selected list.

The main reason you would want to set this integration up is that MailChimp is an awesome email marketing platform. But it lacks the functionality that you need for sales prospecting, and that is what Sales Scripter is awesome at. As a result, a good setup would be to use MailChimp for your email marketing and Sales Scripter for your sales prospecting. use this integration so that you can access all of the valuable MailChimp data directly in Sales Scripter, which will greatly improve the decisions you make when prospecting.

VoIP Integration

Sales Scripter integrates very easily with RingCentral to offer three areas of functionality:

  1. The RingCentral softphone is embedded in the Sales Scripter application, eliminating the need for you to download the softphone software.
  2. You will be able to use Click-to-Dial by clicking on phone numbers in the application, and that will open the softphone, which will then dial the phone number that you clicked on.
  3. The integration will bring over your call recordings from RingCentral and store them on the record for the contact that you called.

The setup for this is as easy as logging into your RingCentral account from the softphone that is displayed inside the Sales Scripter application.