SalesScripter was developed in the service provider world, being used to build campaigns for sales outsourcing clients. As a result, the solution really fits well and offers a lot of value when utilized by sales outsourcing service providers.
Program Benefits
With there being this great fit, we have developed a program for service providers. As part of this program, our Service Provider Partners (SSP’s) will receive the following benefits:

  • Discount on subscriptions: 30% discount will be applied to all software based subscriptions and fees.
  • Complimentary training: Weekly admin and end user training offered at no cost.
  • Affiliate revenue: Opportunity to earn a 30% commission for referred SalesScripter subscribers.
  • Potential referrals: Warm leads for sales outsourcing from SalesScripter users that need help.

Not only is this program a good thing for our partners, it is also a good thing for SalesScripter.
Here are the requirements to become and stay classified as an SSP.

  • 5 user minimum: There is a minimum of 5 user subscriptions in order to enter and stay in the program.
  • 1 power user: There will need to be at least one user that is trained and knowledgeable how to completely use SalesScripter.

How Referrals Work
Just about every client of SalesScripter has a need for outbound sales prospecting. And with that, almost every client is a prospect for sales outsourcing.
When clients that are already sold on the SalesScripter methodology find out that a resource already trained on the methodology can be loaded up with their scripts and almost immediately be put to work, it is a very easy sell. All of these opportunities get passed off to our network of SSP’s as warm referrals.
There is no guarantee of referrals and these typically go to the SSP’s that are the farthest along in terms of adopting and incorporating SalesScripter into their operation. If a client is sold on SalesScripter, we would want the service provider to use SalesScripter for the referred project.

This program is renewed on an annual basis and these terms are effective until December 31, 2015.