Sales Scripter will provide you with a library of sales scripts, and each script can either be displayed in a document view or as an interactive script. The document view displays the script as a traditional document that can be scrolled from top to bottom.

The interactive view is more of a fixed view where instead of scrolling from top to bottom to go through all of the sections of the script, there will be big buttons on the left side for each section of the script. To go to a different section of the script, instead of scrolling, the user will click a button for the section that he or she wants to see. For the button that is selected, the text associated with that section of the script will be displayed in the middle of the interactive script.

Not only does this design make navigating the script quicker and easier, but we are also able to display buttons from other scripts inside of the interactive script to eliminate the need to open other documents.

For example, the script library has a document specifically for objections and objection responses. On the right side of the interactive script, we display buttons for each objection and when the objection button is pressed, the response for that objection is displayed in the middle of the interactive script.

We also display the voicemail scripts that are provided in the script library at the bottom of the interactive script. Since many call attempts will end up in a prospect’s voicemail box, having these at the bottom of the interactive script can be very handy.