SalesScripter will provide you with a full library of email templates. You can set up the system so that you can send those emails directly out of SalesScripter but we also make it easy for you to access and send those same templates directly in Gmail through our Google Chrome Extension.

The extension is completely free and just a click or two to install with almost no set up. Just click to access the app in the Chrome Web Store.

Create Your Own Email Templates and Access them in Gmail
SalesScripter will provide you with a bunch of email templates but it is very likely that you may want to change our templates or create templates that are completely different. The nice thing about using SalesScripter with our Chrome Extension is it provides a way for you to create your own email templates and then access them quickly right in Gmail when you need them.

Simply edit or create your templates on the SalesScripter side and then you will be able to easily grab them when you need them on the Gmail side through the Chrome Extension.