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Know What to Say

SalesScripter is a web-based sales tool that will help you to build out a major portion of your sales messaging and sales strategy. The scripter will guide you through a series of questions that will extract key details about your products, you company, and the prospects that you sell to. The information you provide will be plugged into an extensive library of sales scripts, templates, and tools. By going through this process and having the information that SalesScripter produces, you will see an immediate improvement in sales performance and results.

Why Use SalesScripter

Improve Sales Training
Increase Lead Production
Decrease Sales Staff Turnover

Know What to Ask

The key to being a good sales person is asking good questions. SalesScripter will help you to identify the key questions that you need to be asking prospects.

Get Around Objections

SalesScripter will produce responses for all of the common objections that you can anticipate.

Send Powerful Emails

Email templates provided that are designed to grab the prospect’s attention.

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