Sales Scripter is integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI platform, allowing you to use AI to create your sales message and script.

The way this works is that Sales Scripter’ has an area called the Sales Message Builder where you are able to enter the key details about your product or service. You will go through steps where you are asked about features, benefits, pain points, and questions to ask for the product you sell. With our ChatGPT integration, if you click a button to ask for help, Sales Scripter will communicate with ChatGPT and ask for it to write key points for the particular step that you are on.

ChatGPT will then do the heavy lifting to write key points for your product or service. This feature can not only decrease the amount of time it takes to create your sales message, but it can also provide ideas and points that you may have never thought of before.

After you have used the AI to create your sales message, Sales Scripter performs the rest of the heavy lifting by using your sales message to create building blocks and then mixing and matching those blocks to create sales scripts, email templates, and more.