We have many clients that could benefit from sales coaching but do not have the budget for a one-on-one service. To respond to this need, we are creating group coaching where we will meet in groups of around 10 every week for one hour coaching sessions.

Scope: These will be open discussions where you can either bring your questions or learn from the responses and advice given to others.We will help you with your phone prospecting, dealing with gatekeepers, getting around objections, generating leads, closing deals, and more.

Price: We are offering this for only $100 per month which comes to around $20 to $25 per coaching session. You should walk away with tips and advice every week that will have an extremely positive return on your investment..

No Risk: If you do not feel like the sessions are productive, we will be glad to offer a full refund.

Join: We are just organizing our first group. Michael Halper will be the sales coach and group moderator. Click here to sign up to lock in a place in the first group.