How to Immediately Become a Better Closer

There are small things that you can do to make closing easier. It does not matter what type of personality you have and you will not need to act different or be somebody you are not. We believe that closing should be the easiest step in your sales process and deals can often close themselves. [...]


How to Perform the Perfect Takeaway

Most of the time during a sales cycle, you will be trying to get the prospect to move forward and close for the next step in your sales process. But sometimes it makes sense to do the opposite of that and actually takeaway what you are trying to sell from the prospect. This can be [...]


Sell More by Screening the Good Prospects from the Bad

Time is one of your most valuable resources. Protecting it by minimizing time spent with prospects that have a low chance of purchasing will have a direct impact on your sales results.. Join us on our next webinar "Sell More by Effectively Screening Good Prospects from Bad" where we will show you a systematic process [...]


How to Build Your Value Proposition

Building a value proposition can often be difficult – “What should I say that grabs the prospects attention and quickly tells them what I have to offer?” This is tricky because there is usually so much to say. And our natural instincts usually pull us in the wrong direction leading us to talk mostly about [...]


Call Script Demonstration

Some people say that cold call scripts are a bad thing. That you do not sound good when reading from a script. True, you do not sound good when you read from a script. That is why you use it as a guide for the call and not as something you read directly from. In [...]