How to Consistently Get Around Sales Objections

You are very likely to face some sort of objection in every interaction you have with a prospect: I am not interested. I don't have time for this. Is this a sales call? Just send me your information. Call me back in 6 months. Do you know how to respond? Are you able to consistently [...]


How to Consistently Get Around Gatekeepers

Dealing with gatekeepers when prospecting can get a bit frustrating. Not only do they stand in your way, but the way they try to get rid of you can just about ruin your day. The good news is that there are some small things that you can do to improve your ability to get around [...]


How to Make Setting B2B Appointments Easy

Setting B2B appointments can be tough. Once you do finally get a prospect on the phone, you only have a couple of minutes to work with and it can sometimes be a hostile environment. But don't worry as we have developed a B2B appointment setting sales methodology that not only makes this process easier, it will [...]


How to Have Awesome First Appointments with Prospects

Getting your foot in the door and setting the appointment can often be the toughest part of the sales process. But it is how you handle the actual appointment that will impact your ability to generate leads and close deals. In this webinar, we present to you a crystal clear structure and methodology that you [...]


How to Improve Your Control Over the Sales Process

Do you feel like you are following up with prospects that don't respond? Or that you should be closing more of the prospects that you meet with? If so, you should join us for our next webinar "How to Improve Your Control Over the Sales Process" where we will outline the sales process stages and [...]


How to Effectively Use Email as a Sales Prospecting Tool

With it being difficult to get prospects on the phone, it is critical to correctly use email when prospecting and trying to generate leads. What you say in your emails when you send your messages, and how many times you try to contact a prospect will have a direct impact on your results. In our next webinar "How [...]


How To Become A Consultative Salesperson

You can often hear the phrase "consultative selling". But what exactly is that and how do you become a true consultative salesperson? If you want to gain more clarity on that, check out our next webinar "How to Become a Consultative Salesperson". In this training session, we will: Explain what consultative selling is Provide clear instruction [...]


How to Build a Cold Call Script that Works

Cold calling can be tough – you only have 2 to 5 minutes to work with and you are received by prospects that don’t really want to talk with you. Having a cold call script can help... but only if it is good. Most sales people say cold calling does not work or that you [...]