How to Always Know What Sales Questions to Ask

The best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions. But it can be easy to not know what to ask when interacting with prospects. If you can relate to that, watch this webinar recording on "How to Always Know the Right Sales Questions to Ask" where we will not only teach you what [...]


How to Use Prospect Pain to Generate Leads

Finding prospect pain is one key to generating more leads. But it is not easy because prospects can be reluctant to share challenges and often don’t even know what pain they have. If you would like to learn how to get your cold calls, emails, voicemails, and first appointments more centered around the prospect’s pain [...]


How to Make Cold Calling Easy

Cold calling is one of the most difficult sales activities. You are operating in almost a hostile environment, you have a ton of information to share, and only have about a 2 to 5 minute window to work in. But believe it or not, we have a process that you can implement that not only [...]


Does Cold Calling Still Work?

"Does cold calling still work?" is one of the most commonly asked or debated questions. If you have asked this question, check out our webinar recording that is simply titled with that question - "Does cold calling still work?". You can probably guess how we will answer that question but we will spend this time together [...]


How to Write Good Sales Prospecting Cold Emails

Since it is tough to get prospects on the phone, it is critical that your sales email game be strong. Every word in an email matters and will either push the prospect away or draw them in. If you are looking for some new ideas regarding sales emails, check out our webinar recording on “How to [...]


How to Generate Leads Without Making Cold Calls

Many people question whether cold calling works. Even though we believe it does, it can be extremely nice getting appointments with new prospects without ever picking up the phone and we have a structured process for how to do this. To see a demonstration of this process, you can watch this webinar recording of “How [...]


How to Be an Awesome Networker

This is a recording of a webinar that we hosted on "How to Be an Awesome Networker". Networking is one of the best lead generation methods for a salesperson or business owner. But what you do and say when you get out there can have a very big impact on the leads you produce. If [...]


Improve How You Onboard New Inside Sales Resources

Getting new inside sales resources ramped up and performing can be challenging. Not only is it tough because inside sales and phone prospecting can be a tough gig. But it is also difficult because you have so much information that you need to cram into the new rep's head. How you execute in this area [...]