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17 01, 2019

How to Build Your Best Value Proposition

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This is a recording of our webinar on “How to Build Your Best Value Proposition” and below is an outline and summary of what we discussed. What is Value The first thing that we talk about in this webinar is taking a step back and looking at what exactly value is in the context of [...]

20 04, 2016

An Example of a Sales Pitch that Doesn’t Focus on Value

By |2023-09-12T04:57:52+00:00April 20, 2016|Building Interest, Communicating Value, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips|0 Comments

I was listening to the radio today and I heard an example of a sales pitch and it was clear there was something missing from it. Here is an attempt at paraphrasing the main pitch that I heard: Remember how years ago when you wondered when you would be able to talk into your remote and [...]

25 10, 2014

Don Draper Demonstrates How to Focus on Your Value Proposition

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Figuring out your value proposition can often be a tricky thing. And even if you know what your value prop is, it can be easy to fall into a trap of not mentioning it and skipping to talk primarily about your products and features. Here is one of my favorite clips from the show Mad [...]

7 04, 2014

3 Types of Value Propositions

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Having strong value propositions is critical to successful selling. And many people will spend time trying to think of the perfect value prop. But the reality is that you can have multiple value propositions. Meaning, the value you offer to different types of buyers can be different – You help a manufacturing company in different [...]

4 10, 2013

Communicating the Value that You Offer

By |2023-09-07T10:45:32+00:00October 4, 2013|Building Interest, Communicating Value, Sales Pitch, Sales Scripts, Sales Tips, Sales Training, Training Videos|0 Comments

One thing that most salespeople are really good at is going into detail talking about all the great things their products do. The challenge with that is that, when you are first talking to a prospect, it is too early to talk about what your products do. This prospect does not care at this point [...]

16 08, 2013

Building Your Value Proposition

By |2023-09-08T07:23:06+00:00August 16, 2013|Building Interest, Communicating Value, Sales Pitch, Training Videos|0 Comments

One of the stages that SalesScripter takes you through is identifying your value proposition. This is actually one of the steps that can be a little more challenging for us to go through, whether using SalesScripter or not. We can sometimes easily describe what our products do, but when it comes to describing how the [...]

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