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2 11, 2015

How to Respond to the “We don’t have any budget right now” Sales Objection

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An extremely common sales objection is that the prospect will say “we do not have budget right now”. While that might sound like an immediate show-stopper, there are some key things that you can do to try to get around and resolve that objection. How to Respond when Cold Calling One key thing to understand [...]

1 08, 2015

What to Say When a Prospect Says “Just send me your information”

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The most common sales objection you can hear when cold calling is when the prospect says, "just send me your information." When you hear this, you may not see it as a sales objection, but it is, and we will outline why in this blog post. There are two different times when this can come [...]

15 12, 2013

How to Get Around Cold Call Objections Ebook

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I have some bad news. You are very likely to face cold call objections on just about every call that you make. Objections are like stop signs that the prospect will hold up to try to take the call in a direction of their choosing. And if you have called someone unexpectedly and appear [...]

4 04, 2013

How to Cold Call

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It can often be one of the keys to success for a salesperson when determining how to cold call. There are some very clear and simple things you can do to improve results even though it can be a very intimidating thing to do. Pre-Cold Call Steps There is a significant amount of work that [...]

19 09, 2012

Handling Objections in Selling

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It is critical for success to be good at handling objections in selling. The reason is that objections are guaranteed to come up throughout your sales cycle. Following are three objection handling options. 1. Comply with the Objection The option to comply with the objection is always there to agree or give in to the [...]

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