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24 04, 2016

4 Sales Pitch Tips

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Here are some quick sales pitch tips that stand a good chance of immediately improving your sales efforts. 1. Don’t sound like a salesperson. We operate with the belief that people don’t mind buying stuff, but nobody really enjoys being sold to. If that is true, then it might help us to improve our conversations [...]

13 04, 2016

Sales Pitch Template

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It can be tremendously helpful to use some sort of sales pitch template when trying to figure out what to say when talking with sales prospects. Here are some of the main sections that you can include in a sales pitch template: Elevator Pitch Any good sales approach will start with some sort of elevator [...]

17 07, 2015

How to Get Prospects to Answer the Phone When Cold Calling

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Getting prospects to answer the phone is the biggest challenge when cold calling. Having the best product and the best pitch means nothing if you can’t talk to someone. If you feel like a lot of your calls go straight to voicemail, watch this webinar recording on “How to Get Prospect to Answer the Phone [...]

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