Feel a little stuck on the questions in the Scripter? Don’t worry, there is help available. We offer a Sales Message Setup Service that provides you with a Scripter certified consultant who will meet with you in a virtual meeting room and go through each question of the Sales Message Builder with you from beginning to end.

How it Works
When or if you reach a point where you need help, simply click here to purchase the service. Once you have purchased the Walk-Through, we will reach out to you to schedule a 2 hour block of time.

We often recommend that we do the Walk-Through in the morning when your brain is most fresh because it is a fairly cerebral and creative process.

The meeting will take place on in a virtual meeting room where we will log into your account and share our screen. We will do all of the driving, typing, and word-smithing. You just sit back and answer our questions as we try to learn about what you sell.

The Walk-Through will start at the beginning of the Sales Message Builder in SalesScripter and we will go through and answer all of the questions which will get you loaded up with a sales pitch that can then be used to populate the full library of scripts, emails, and templates.

We will try to teach you how to use the software through the Walk-Through so that you can create content on your own after the consulting session ends.

The cost for the Sales Message Setup Service is a one-time fee of $300.


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Why Purchase the Sales Message Setup Service
As you can tell from what you have seen of the Scripter, there are a lot of questions. The system is designed so that you can get through it on your own and have a very low cost option.

But if you really want to produce the best library of scripts for your business, access some of the knowledge that is at SalesScripter. Not only do we know the tool inside and out, but all of our certified consultants have some level of competency in producing sales and marketing messaging.

You can do it on your own. But you can get a much better end result with a little help. And if you look at all of the output that is produced, the investment involved with the Walk-Through is fairly minimal if you get all of those output items with high-quality content.


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