[corner-ad id=1]Scripter Beta is the subscription that will provide you access to the SalesScripter platform. The beta classification is applied due to the fact that we just published 1.0 of SalesScripter and there is still is some level of development going on. In return for your understanding, we are providing you with the ability to subscribe at no cost.

What is it?
SalesScripter is a web-based tool that will help you to develop a major portion of your sales messaging and sales strategy. It is able to do this by guiding you through a series of questions that extract the most important information about your products, your company, and the prospects that you sell to.

All of the information gathered by the questions is populated into an extensive library of scripts, templates, and sales tools. You will immediately have access to a variety of scripts that you can use as guides when talking with prospects either over the phone or in face-to-face meetings.

The SalesScripter library includes the following templates:

  •     Cold call scripts
  •     First meeting script
  •     Voicemail scripts
  •     Elevator pitch
  •     Qualifying questions
  •     Objections responses
  •     Email templates
  •     Sales presentation
  •     Prospect pain points profile
  •     Ideal prospect profile
  •     Building interest points
  •     Name drop statements
  •     And more…



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Scripter Beta is currently offered at no cost.

Why use SalesScripter?
When we talk with prospects, if we don’t clearly have our questions and statements outlined, we might not get the most of the interaction. When we do not get the most out each interaction we have with a prospect, we are not reaching the optimum level of sales performance. SalesScripter changes this and helps you to get to the next level by helping you to be more prepared and ready to execute.

If you are a sales manager, you might typically put a sales person through training and hope that they grasp the information and are able to communicate well when talking with prospects. SalesScripter replaces this hope and enables you to provide your sales resources with the key questions and statements that they need to use when on the phone or in the field. This can not only improve sales performance, it can also decrease sales staff turnover and all the costs that come with that.

Privacy Policy
Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Refund Policy
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 120 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.