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When looking at a sample call script, it is important to look at how to respond to the objections that you will consistently face. What is this call in regards to? This is one of the most common objections that you will face when talking with gatekeepers. They have been trained to ask this question in an attempt to get you to say something that identifies you as a sales person. If you are cold calling, you are likely trying to schedule an appointment or sell something, so to directly answer this question would be to say you are calling to introduce yourself and try to schedule a meeting. As soon as you say anything close to this and let the gatekeeper know you are sales person, they will know that it is OK to shut you down and that the person they are a gatekeeper for will not want to talk to you. One great way to resolve this challenge is to simply respond with your value statement.

The purpose for my call is that we help businesses to improve their management of receipts and invoices.

This may not tell the gatekeeper that he or she needs to let you in, but it also will not tell them that they have the green light to block you out.

I am busy right now. The next objection we will look at in this sample call script is when the prospect says that they are too busy to take your call. It is very understandable for a prospect to be too busy to talk at that particular moment. But that does not mean that they will always be too busy. A simple response to this can be:

I understand. I can be very brief or I can call you back at another time. Which would work better for you?

  Banner 10   We are not interested. Another common sample call script objection is that the prospect is not interested. Not being interested is a valid reason to not purchase what you are selling, but it is not a valid reason to not talk with you or schedule a meeting. You natural instinct to this objection is to try to overcome it and to try to make the prospect interested. That is tough to do at any time, especially when you are on a cold call as you do not have much time to work with. A very simple way to deal with this challenging objection is to simply respond by asking one of your qualifying questions.

Oh I understand. If I could ask you real quick, what type of system are you currently using?

This type of response can help to do two things. First, it can help to keep conversation going which is one of your main goals when facing objections. But the other powerful thing that this response does is that it extracts valuable information from the prospect. If the prospect answers your question in the sample call script, you can follow up with additional questions and can likely get around and away from the objection.   SalesScripter provides sales messaging tools helping sales pros access a sample call script.


Click Here to Receive an Email with a Sales Script Example