SalesScripter works well but it can often get confusing how to answer some of the questions. To help with this we have put together a demonstration video.

It is important to point out that you can get through the scripter in a few minutes but because there is some explanation included in this video, it runs around 30 minutes. There are shorter videos that focus on different areas of the scripter if you prefer to view shorter training modules.

In this demonstration, we actually fill out SalesScripter with real data that we need to use to prospect for new SalesScripter Team functionality that we have developed. SalesScripter Team is designed to allow members of a sales team to connect inside of the application and share answers and scripts.

Since we need to perform some prospecting for Scripter Team, we thought it would be to record us actually filling out SalesScripter as we develop our list of questions and pain points to use during our prospecting.

Due to this being somewhat of a recording of a real use of SalesScripter, it might not be the tightest demonstration, but should still be a good resource for someone looking to see how the tool works.


Test out SalesScripter for free here.