SalesScritper is integrated with providing access to all of your scripts and email templates directly inside of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud.

Why would I want to connect SalesScripter with
If you are using and you are currently using or are interested in SalesScripter, there are a number of reasons to connect the two:

  • All in one place: Have your scripts and tools and contact details all in one place.
  • Get all sales resources on the same page: The will help you to get everybody saying the same pitch by having all the campaigns and tools right there in
  • Make sure your resources never question what to say and ask: With having dozens of scripts right there in, your sales resources should never have to think “what am I going to say?” again.
  • Shorten new hire ramp up time: By having scripts right there in, you will greatly shorten the amount of time that it takes to get new sales hires ramped up and performing.
  • Improve performance of underperforming reps: This will help to improve the sales performance for every member of the team, but more specifically this will allow you to provide better direction and tools to resources that are underperforming.


Where does SalesScripter show up in is a very large application and our goal was to display SalesScripter information in the right place and be as little of an addition as possible.

With that being said, the scripts are displayed when you are drilled down into a contact record. The logic is that this is where you will be in when you are trying to determine what to say and ask – in the contact record.

There is a section called SalesScripter and this is where you will be able to select one of your campaigns and then be able to view and access call and meeting scripts, voicemail scripts, email templates, and more.

How do I get this set up?
The setup of this integration is extremely simple as it simply involves downloading the SalesScripter App from AppExchange and then make a couple of setting changes.

How much does the integration or app cost?
There is no cost for the app in AppExchange and there are no services required to help get this integration complete. You may have a question or two and we will help with those at no cost as part of your subscription support. In other words, there is no cost at all to connect with SalesScripter.