Probably one of the most important things that can help determine what SalesScripter does and if it can help you is to actually see the that are produced. In this video, we provide a demonstration and explanation of the script output items that are produced.

Do scripts work?
One of the big apprehensions that people have when they hear the name SalesScripter is that they don’t like to use scripts or that scripts are not a good best practice and as a result, SalesScripter is not going to be a fit.

The important thing to point out on that point is that SalesScripter does not produce scripts that are paragraph after paragraph and something that a sales person should read from. And we whole heartedly believe that a sales person should not read from a script when talking with a prospect.

What we do believe is that in order to perform at an optimum level in terms of generating leads and driving sales results, a sales person should have some key questions and points prepared ahead of time and should definitely minimize the amount of improvisation and “winging” it that takes place. This is how SalesScripter helps as it helps to produce that are more lists of the key questions and points that a sales person should use when talking with a prospect.

Once you have the key list of powerful questions and points to make, you can then mix those into a number of different scripts. These are scripts that can be used when on the phone, at a networking event, or in a meeting.

Outline and Bullet Point Format
The sales scripts that the scripter produces use more of an outline and bullet pointed format. Instead of paragraph after paragraph, we produce documents that are of a framework of modular content.

There are a couple key benefits from using this type of structure. First, it is much easier to learn and memorize. This can either help with the adoption of the information for either yourself or your sales team.

Another key benefit is that this structure provides more of a guide than a sales script that the sales person reads from. Since it is a more of a guide, the sales person can have it in front of them and have a natural conversation but then look to the document when looking for a good question or point to make.

This format also produces sales scripts that are more flexible. You never know what direction that a conversation with a prospect is going to go. If you are going to prepare by using some of sales script, it can help if you work from a sales tool that can adjust with the direction that you need to go and an outline framework can do that as you can move around the outline from one section to another as needed and don’t necessarily need to go straight through the outline or bullet points from beginning to end.


SalesScripter provides a tool to help sales pros develop .