Just about every sales person, sales manager, and business owner is interested in getting their particular sales growth formula in place. In this video, there is a demonstration of a three-step process that just about any business or sales person can take to drive positive sales results.


The model uses three different systems and these are currently being used today to help sales organizations and business to generate leads. The great thing about this model is that this process is repeatable meaning that you can insert just about any product or business and input just a little amount of time and financial investment and out the other side will be positive results in terms of leads and that is the sales growth formula.

Step 1: Figure out what you are going to say
If you are not getting the desired level of leads, you may want to look at your current sales messaging and what is said to prospects over the phone, at networking events, or in emails. You may feel like you know exactly what to say, but are you asking the right questions and making the right points to help you to qualify prospects and build interest.

The first step in this sales growth formula is to go through a process to improve your pitch and sales messaging.

Step 2: Build out your target list
Once you have your sales messaging strategy in place, it is time to figure out who to call and how to get into the companies that you are targeting. This sales growth formula includes a step for using a tool to build out a prospect list.

Following this process, you can easily have a long list of target prospects to reach out to and perform your sales prospecting.

Step 3: Attack and track
Once you have your list of target prospects, it is now time to connect with them over the phone and in email. But if you have a valuable list of hundreds of prospects, how are you going to improve your efficiency with calling and emailing these prospects and how will you track all of these interactions?

Step 3 in this sales growth formula is using CRM and Email Marketing tools to send emails on a mass scale to accelerate your results. Depending on the tools that you use, you can also track the opens and clicks for those emails and then make your follow up calls targeting those prospects first. This can greatly improve your phone prospecting and that can lead to an improvement in lead generation.


You have control over your sales results. If you are not happy with your current ability to generate leads, you can either keep doing what you are doing and you will probably see the same results that you currently have. Or you can open up to new ideas and strategies. This video outlines ideas that a sales person or business owner can implement regardless of skill level and experience.


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