One of the more powerful features that SalesScripter provides is that it will help you to produce a sales email. In this video, we demonstrate what the types of emails that the tool produces and some of the logic that can be used when using these.

What are sales emails?
It is worth discussing what exactly sales emails are. Sales emails are emails that are sent from a sales person to a prospect. These differ from marketing emails in that a marketing email can typically be more from a company to a prospect and is typically sent as a one-to-many from a distribution stand point.

While sales emails are typically more one-to-one emails, you can actually use some email automation software tools to send sales emails one-to-many.

Personal Look and Feel
One of the key principles that SalesScripter embraces when building out your sales email is that in order to improve the probability that the email gets read, we try to write it as though it is from a sales person and the message was written out personally for the recipient.

The logic is that if the prospect senses that the email is one-to-many, they will feel more confident about deleting it unread.

Think about when you check your mail at your home. You likely get a lot of junk mail that you throw away very quickly without looking at it. Now think about in the middle of that pile of “mass” email items, you see an envelope that has the address hand written. You will likely stop and open the item since someone took the time to send you something and it is a one-to-one piece of mail.

We try to create this same impression when designing a sales email as we will keep it short, minimize any marketing images and try to make it look like a sales person took the time to type it out – even if the email is being sent out to thousands of target prospects.

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Create Email Templates
When you are sales prospecting, you will run into the scenario where you need to send the same type of email again and again. Instead of writing these emails out each type and duplicate that effort, again and again, you can create email templates that have the need information listed out and you can just make minor changes and send the emails out saving a ton of time.

SalesScripter helps you to do this and we break down the sales email templates into three categories: Pre-Call Emails, Post-Call Emails, and Post-Voicemail Emails. These scenarios repeat themselves again and again and the emails that you need do need to be all that different from prospect to prospect.

Depending on your CRM, you can typically set these email templates up as templates in your CRM. When that is configured correctly, that can save you and your sales team at tremendous amount of time when it comes to emails sales prospects.

SalesScripter provides a call script tool that help a sales pro to develop a sales email.