One of the folders in SalesScripter is titled Responses and Questions. This folder has documents that list out questions and responses that you can use when talking with prospects.

Some people will say that are not a good thing and that you should never read from a script when talking with a prospect. We also agree that you should never read from a script if you are using it correctly, but we do believe that being prepared is never a bad thing and can only improve your consistency and results.

But for those that still do not see themselves using a script, they may find the output items in the Responses and Questions folder. These are documents that just list out responses and questions and can be used more as a guide than as a script when talking with prospects.

Here is a quick summary of some of the output items:

  • Qualifying Questions: A document that lists out the key questions that you should ask to qualify your prospects.
  • Value Statements: A list of statements that takes the points that you contributed to the scripter on how your products help and combine them in different ways to produce value statements.
  • Building Interest Points: This is a document that builds silver bullet points that you can share when talking with prospects to trigger and build interest.
  • Name Drop Statements: A document that outlines statements you can make about your current or past clients to help establish your credibility.
  • Objections Map: Probably one of the most valuable output item in this folder is the objections map which is a document that outlines the objections that you are sure to face and provides responses that you can use to get around them.

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