Looking to improve your ability to keep your sales resources on message?

SalesScripter Team might be the answer for you as it allows users to share and access each other saved scripts and data.

What this means is that a manager can go through the scripter and build out the standard messaging for the team. From there, the entire team can connect inside of the system to access and share the scripts and tools that have been built.

Why Use Scripter Team
So why would someone want to connect and share data inside of SalesScripter? Well, the name of the product is really the answer there and that is for people on the same sales team to share scripts that each other has built.

Establish the Messaging Strategy
But the real power in this functionality comes in when a sales manager or sales leadership goes through SalesScripter and fills out all of the answers establishing what they believe to be the best sales messaging strategy for what they sell. From there, the frontline sales people can become users inside of SalesScripter and connect inside the app with the manager.

Get the Entire Team on the Same Page
Once the team is linked together, the frontline resources can access the information that management put into SalesScripter and can either access all of the documents that management produced or they can make their own modifications to create their own versions of the management established messaging.

Improve the Adoption
An alternative to doing this could be for sales management to download the documents that SalesScripter produces and send those out to the team in PDF of MS Word format. The challenge with that is that SalesScripter produces a lot of documents and the documents may frequently change so that would require sending out a lot of different documents.

That also creates a scenario for the scripts and templates to get lost in a sales person’s email box. By using Scripter Team, the system can replace the sending and losing of documents with a central place that the sales team can go to to get sales messaging documents and tools.

Improve Lead Generation and Sales Results
This can essentially become the script and messaging repository for the sales team. Establishing this type of process and resource can immediately improve the sales team’s ability to effectively communicate with prospects and that can lead to increased leads and sales results.

Decrease Sales Staff Turnover
By not only helping the sales team members to sell more and make more money, but to also make them better at what they do every day, you will stand to drastically reduce sales staff turnover.