SalesScripter is designed to help an entire sales team to get on the same page in terms of messaging and sales process. To help with that , we have developed a Performance Package and this helps to structure how the solution can be implemented team wide.

Step 1 – Scripter Walk-Through
The process begins with a consulting engagement that helps to fill out SalesScripter. This will typically involve senior sales leadership and will help to structure and develop the messaging strategy.

Step 2 – Sales Training
SalesScripter is based on a sales methodology. We have a training program aligned with this methodology and this training will be provided to the sales team. The great thing about the Performance Package is that it will allow us to tailor the sales training to your business by including all of the information gathered during the Scripter Walk-Through.

Step 3 – Access to Scripter Pro
As soon as the sales team completes the sales training program, they will each have their own subscription to SalesScripter. And their account will be loaded up with all of the scripts and messaging established during the Scripter Walk-Through. Since SalesScripter is aligned with the training, each sales resource will have a tool to use on a daily basis that reinforces all of the learned principles.

Step 4 – Receive a Copy of The Cold Calling Equation
The Cold Calling Equation is a book that completely aligns with SalesScripter and outlines many helpful sales tips. This is a great reference manual to sit on a sales person’s desk as they sell and use SalesScripter.

Perf Pack Infographic