• Sales Pitch Builder
  • Prebuilt Campaigns (Scripts)
  • Ability to Edit Scripts
  • Call, Voicemail, and Meeting Scripts
  • Interactive Scripts
  • Prospecting Email Templates
  • CRM
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Sales Gamification
  • Email Delivery/Automation
  • Sales Training
  • 10,000 Emails Sent Per Month
  • Annual Discount


$49Per User Per Month
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Call Scripts

The software will generate sales scripts customized specifically for you and your business.

Email Templates

You will get a library of email templates to use for many of the common sales prospecting situations.

Interactive Sales Script

Use our interactive sales script that makes it easy to navigate to what best to say and ask.

Sales Pitch Builder

The software will take you through a step-by-step process to build the optimum sales pitch.

Sales Script Library

Includes call and meeting scripts, email templates, voicemail scripts, objection responses and more!

Salesforce Integration

Easily connect your SalesScripter account with your Salesforce CRM account.


CRM functionality that allows you to track interactions, contacts, and accounts.

Email Automation

You can send and automate the delivery of your prospecting emails through SalesScripter.


Turn selling into a game to motivate yourself and your sales team.


Try at no risk with our 30 day 100% refund satisfaction guarantee!

If you improve just one or two conversations with sales prospects, your subscription will pay for itself.

Preloaded with scripts and campaigns for many common products and services!

  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Recruiting Services

  • Web Design Services

  • Search Engine Optimization Services

  • IT Consulting and Services

  • IT Outsourcing

  • Email Marketing Software

  • Creative Marketing Services

  • Inbound Marketing Solutions

  • Cloud Hosting Services

  • IT Managed Services

  • IT Professional Services

  • Infrastructure Hardware and Software Sales

  • Promotional Products and Solutions

  • Vendor Management Services

  • Mobile Advertising Solutions

  • Sales Training

  • Financial Advisory Services

  • Insurance Products

  • And more!

callCall Scripts


voicemailVoicemail Scripts


emailEmail Templates


objectionObjection Responses


probingProbing Questions

Used by sales professionals and leaders around the globe with proven results!

Try at no risk with our 7 day free trial!

We have a very technical product and we always end up talking about products and features and it has been difficult to communicate to prospects and new employees. Using this system helped us to get organized on how to clearly and effectively communicate. After going through a Scripter Walk-Through, the messaging that was produced was so powerful and spot on that I think we may need to go back and actually revisit all of our marketing materials and redo a lot of them with what was extracted by SalesScripter.Justin – CEO, Access Business Technologies

I have been in sales and cold calling for years and have always been successful. I started using SalesScripter about 2 months ago because I always believe in learning and trying new things and this methodology has totally changed how I see things. It has transformed my approach and I am now getting responses and results that I never saw with my previous methods.
Tyler McNamara, Owner, Heartland Financial Partners
In my opinion, every single sales person and sales manager needs to take a break from selling and go through SalesScripter to get more clarity on how they are helping their customers and what problems they are solving. SalesScripter is pretty cool in how it asks questions that really make you think and see things in a different way.

Jack Yurich, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Central Data Storage
I was looking for telemarketing scripts online and I couldn’t find any. I came across SalesScripter and I thought if this does what it says it will, this will be pretty cool. I went through the Pro version and I have to say, what it produced was amazing. These are some of the best scripts I have ever seen.

Michael Miller, Founder and CEO, Mind Whirl Marketing
SalesScripter has been a valuable tool to help the newest members of our organization to feel comfortable communicating the value we offer. Getting new members who, in many cases, have no sales experience to become capable producers takes a lot of time and effort. SalesScripter has provided a fast and effective solution to these challenges.

Everything we are doing now is much more conversational and that is leading to better relationships, more leads, and improved results!

Thank you, SalesScripter!

OG, Senior Marketing Director
Finding the right words to use in emails, publish online and say to our clients was always a guessing game and I think we struggled communicating clearly what we had to offer. This led to missed opportunities with conversations ending by prospects saying “we are not interested”.

What I like about SaleScripter is that it guides you step-by-step through a discovery process that leads you not only to the right messages, but greater confidence that your marketing and sales efforts will generate success. Now, our message is tight and it focuses solely on the benefits we offer and problems we resolve.

Dan Darby, CEO, Darby Consulting

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