If you embrace and implement , you’re likely to see an immediate improvement in your sales results which is the great thing about sales. The following are a few sales tips.

6. Qualify prospects

The most valuable resource you have is time. There’s nothing you can do to replace it or add more and it is limited. The key to being a successful salesperson is having the ability to determine which prospects to spend your valuable time with and qualifying is the key to being effective at doing this.

Measuring up a prospect to identify how well she fits with needing or using your products and services is qualifying. If the prospect doesn’t need what you’re offering, there’s no reason to spend your valuable time talking to her.

But need isn’t the only thing to look at. In addition, look at the probability for the prospect to move forward with a purchase. Available funding or budget and purchasing power are key things to help in measuring this.

7. Focus on pain

To improve qualifying prospects and identifying if there’s a need, focus on trying to identify if there’s pain the prospect is experiencing and this is one of the . Something that’s not working well or not working as well as it could be for the prospect is pain.

When you find pain that the prospect is experiencing which you can resolve, you have improved the qualification of the prospect as well as uncovered valuable information that can be used throughout the sales cycle.

8. Consciously build interest

You have to trigger interest on the prospect’s side at some point in the sales cycle. Even with the best products and features available, if the prospect doesn’t have interest, it’s going to be difficult to move forward to a close.

Some people have the belief that interest is either going to happen or not and that there’s not much you can do about it. The reality is that there are definitely good sales tips which help with building interest. The following are just a few:

  • Communicate how you differ from the competition
  • Communicate the ROI that you have to offer
  • Communicate that value that you deliver
  • Communicate how you resolve the prospect’s pain
  • Communicate the impact of doing nothing

9. Effectively build rapport

It’s critical to build some sort of connection with the prospects you’re trying to do business with which makes building rapport one of the key good sales tips. It’s important for two reasons. First, people typically purchase from people they like and the more effective you are at getting prospects to like you, the higher your sales.

Secondly, you have the potential to benefit greatly by the prospect being responsive as well as sharing information during the sales cycle. The prospect will likely respond and make themselves available when it’s time to meet if you’ve established rapport as well as share more information with you when you meet and talk with them and both of these help increase sales.


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