is like being a detective. Just like a detective is trying to find the suspect that fits the description of person that committed the crime, a sales person is trying to find the prospect that fits the description of someone that fits well with the product or service that the sales person has to offer.

SalesScripter will help a sales person to get a clear picture of what the prospect that fits well looks like and we call this the ideal prospect. This provides a quick overview of the Ideal Prospect output folder and there are some documents in there that help to paint the picture of what the ideal prospect looks like.

Ideal Prospect Profile

One of the output items in this folder is the Ideal Prospect Profile. Going back to the detective analogy, this document is like the character sketch that a witness might help law enforcement to draw. The witness provides a description and then the detective can have a picture to refer to when looking for the suspect. This can help tremendously as it is valuable information and much better than just searching blind.

The Ideal Prospect Profile is a similar tool as it provides both demographic and environmental details of the prospects that fit well with what you have to offer. The environmental details are the powerful piece of this document as they tell you what should be going on on the prospects side. If you are talking to a prospect and they do not have any of those environmental characteristics, the prospect might not be a good fit and if you are able to identify that, you may start to move on and that can help you to save yourself valuable time as you are talking to a prospect that might have a very low probability of purchasing anything from you.

Pain Points Document

The other document in the Ideal Prospect folder is the document. This is a document that lists out the pain points that you help to resolve. This is a very good list to be familiar with because sharing these points when talking with sales prospects can help you to establish productive conversations.

One of the most important things to your prospect is fixing the issues that they are concerned about. Getting those areas into the conversation is a good step forward. A great step forward is getting the issues that you can help to resolve into the conversation.

SalesScripter provides that help sales pros to identify what their ideal prospect looks like.