<< How to Handle the “Sell Me this Pen” Sales Role-Play (Part I) <<

A Different Way to Handle the Sales Role-Play
Here are some different talk tracks to use that minimize the negative factors that we just outlined:

Pre-Qualifying Questions
What kind of pens do you typically use?
Do you use disposable pens or do you ever use a nice refillable pen?
Have you ever written with or had a nice high quality pen?
How important is it for you to give off a good impression when meeting with others?
How often are you taking notes in meetings or classes?

Common Pain Points
When using disposable pens, you might not give off the most powerful first impression.
It can be more difficult to take good notes and write quickly with lower quality pens.
It is tough to have a lot of personal pride when using lower quality pens every day in meetings.

This pen is top quality and design which helps to make the best impression.
The quality of the tip allows you to write better notes and that can help you to be more organized.
When you have a nice item like this that you use every day, you can have a deeper feeling of pride about your work and personal belongs.

Can I get you to test this pen out and see how it writes?
Would you enjoy using a pen of this quality every day?
Would this pen improve the impression that you make?
Would you like to move forward with a purchase of this pen?

It is important to point out that those example points in this sales role-play assume that we are selling a nice pen to a business person. If we were to change the product (type of pen) or the audience (business person), those questions and points would all change.

But as you can see, we made it more about the prospect by asking them questions and got a better feeling for how they fit. We focused more on problems resolved and benefits offered than product details and features.


Applying to Everyday Selling
If you can see how this change to that common sales role-play can make that a more positive exchange and increase the probability for success, you can apply all of that same logic and structure to selling anything product or service.