Solution Overview
Here is a brief video that will explain what SalesScripter is and does.

Step 1: Knowledge Extraction and Content Creation
The first step in using SalesScripter is go through an algorithm of interview questions that will extract the most important things about what you sell. This process will help you to identify the optimum talk tracks and questions for the products you sell and the different buyer personas that you interact with.

Step 2: The Software Builds Your Custom Tailored Sales Playbook
After you enter information about what you sell, the software is going to use that to populate a library of sales tools and templates creating a custom tailored sales playbook.

Step 3: Using the Sales Playbook Tools that SalesScripter Provides
There are a few different ways to use all of the sales playbook tools that SalesScripter provides.

Step 4: Share Your Sales Pitch With Your Sales Team
Once you get your sales pitch and library of documents created, share all of those valuable tools with the rest of your team.

Step 5: Connect SalesScripter with Your Account (If you use Salesforce)
In just about 10 minutes, you can download our app and configure Salesforce so that all of your reps can see the entire library of sales tools and templates directly in Salesforce integration.