One of SalesScripter’s most popular features is our email guesser, which is a tool that allows you to put in a name and the software will tell you what their email address is.

We get a lot requests from people that only want to use our email guesser but we don’t sell it by itself.

To respond to this demand, instead of creating an email guesser package, we have decided to offer that one feature for free and you can access it without purchasing anything and below is the link to access it for free.

Our hope here is that instead of trying to make money off of these individuals, we will give them to tool for free in the hopes that either they will want to use the full system later or they share our free email guesser with their friends and colleagues helping to increase the brand awareness for SalesScripter.

Please feel free to use and incorporate this feature into your prospecting and share with anyone else that might be wanting a new tool to help them figure out the email addresses for their target prospects.