Why use this instead of constant contact

If you are only doing email marketing, Constant Contact is an great software platform and probably better than SalesScripter in a lot of ways. But if you are doing email prospecting and making follow-up calls to the contacts you are emailing, SalesScripter is better than Contact Contact and any other email marketing platform out there.

One thing I should expand on as part of that is the difference between email marketing and email prospecting. In my view, email marketing is more sending email messages that have a lot of formatting and images to make them look good and usually sent from a company address. Email prospecting usually involves more one-to-one appearing messages that are usually plain text emails with less formatting. Email prospecting usually has emails come from an individual which is a salesperson or business owner.

SalesScripter is better at email prospecting because the software will actually help you to build your sales message and campaigns and also provide a library of cold email templates.

When it comes to augmenting your email prospecting with phone calls, SalesScripter is better than anything else out there for two reasons. First, the software provides a library of call scripts and phone prospecting tools and documents. Also, the CRM does an excellent job at lead scoring making it extremely easy for you to identify which contacts you should spend your valuable time calling.

We actually use MailChimp for our internal email marketing and we are very happy with that platform and would recommend it. I assume that MailChimp is similar to Constant Contact and while we believe that MailChimp is an excellent platform, it is actually fairly weak when it comes to email prospecting and phone prospecting.

One reason why is that we have all of this open and click data accruing in our MailChimp account but it is extremely difficult to view that data to determine who to call. We actually bring all of that email open and click data over from MailChimp to SalesScripter through our API and we then give each contact Quality Points for email opens and links clicked. This gives each of your contact a quality score making it easy to see which contact to call.

I am not sure about Constant Contact, but MailChimp actually does not even allow you to enter phone numbers for your contacts and does not provide a feature for documenting notes and activities. Not only does SalesScripter provide that, but our activity documentation tool is better than any other CRM on the market.