Why integrate with mailchimp

It is a good question and I like to break emails into two categories - 1) marketing emails and 2) prospecting emails.

Mailchimp is an excellent email marketing system for sending marketing emails. SalesScripter is an excellent sales prospecting system for sending prospecting emails.

To be completely honest, we are not great as an email marketing system and don't have plans to be. You could use our system for email marketing but you would be better off using a system that is designed specifically for email marketing like MailChimp for your email marketing needs.

We use MailChimp internally for SalesScripter marketing emails and we use SalesScripter for sending our prospecting emails and we use our MailChimp integration to bring over all of the data and contacts from MailChimp over to SalesScripter.

And while I recommend MailChimp for marketing, it is actually not a great prospecting tool. For example, MailChimp actually does not have a field for each contact for storing a phone number which makes it difficult to call someone. Also, MailChimp produces a tremendous amount of valuable data for email opens and clicks but it is very difficult to see in the data who you should call. By bringing all of these contacts and data over to SalesScripter, you will be able to easily see in our CRM which contacts to call and you will have full CRM functionality to manage and document those calls.