Where are the prewritten scripts?

We have a library of prewritten sales messages (not scripts) for many commonly sold products and services. There is a prebuilt written sales message for financial advisory services and many other services. If you load your account up with the prewritten sales message, the software will then use that message to fill in the library of scripts and that is how you will have a quick script for financial services or whatever you sell.

You will need to go to Sales Message Builder and then to Sales Messages here https://salesscripter.com/pro/folder/campaigns and you will see a button for "View Prebuilt Messages" at the top.

When you click on that, you will see a directory of messages that you can select and add to your account.

If you select the financial advisory services campaign and load it in your account, you can then advance forward to the Sales Playbook area and if you select the Sales Message drop down button at the top so that it is selected to the prewritten message that you selected, you will then see a list of scripts.
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