What if I already have a CRM

We hear this a lot and you can use our system with your CRM and with no integration. Let me explain.

We have 3 main features in our software - Sales Message Builder, Sales Playbook, CRM.

For the first 4 years of our company, we did not even have a CRM and just had the message builder and playbook so that alone should answer your question.

But if you have a CRM, you could certainly use our message builder and playbook to create your pitch, scripts, and emails and then use those tools side by side with an external CRM.

There are some cool benefits to using our CRM if you use our other tools but not that big of a drop off if you use a different CRM and you will not need integration. You can have your scripts or emails displayed in one browser tab and your external CRM in a different browser tab (or application window).