what does "reset and reconnect" mean?

I am editing a script and I see an error at the top for document is disconnected from sales pitch builder and there is a button for reset and reconnect. What does that mean and do I need to press the button to reset and reconnect? WHat is going on?
That is a legitimate question. The way the system works is that the answer boxes in the Sales Message Builder link to dozens of fields and documents in the Sales Playbook. With that linking, any time you make changes in the Sales Message Builder the documents in the Sales Playbook update and change.

That works up until the point where you make changes and customize a document in the Sales Playbook. When that happens, we disconnect the document or customized section of a document so that your edits remain and are not overwritten by the Sales Message Builder.

For example, if you edit the Product section of a call script, that section will then be disconnected from the Product fields in the Sales Message Builder. With the script being disconnected, if you add new product details in the Sales Message Builder, those will not show up in the customized Product section of the script and the customized section will remain intact without and changes.

What the Reset and Reconnect button does is that it resets the document (or section of the document) back to the standard layout and text and reconnects it back with the sales message builder. Going back to the example, If you pressed that on your edited Product section, the edits would get deleted and the section would be restored to the way it looked before you customized it and display the latest answers in the Sales Message Builder.

This video will help to explain all of this as well: